Founded by Pauline Barbieri
Hand Made From the Flowers of Your Loved Ones
Since 1980
Our mother Pauline Barbieri, also known as the “rosary lady”, founded this company 45 years ago at her kitchen table. When our mother was ready to retire we promised to carry on her company and mission. We continue to be the only Barbieri family crafting handmade keepsakes with her blessing. We are now in our fourth generation and take great pride in our history and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

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Alternating Rosary

$ 110.00

This Rosary is made by creating beads from two different colored flowers. The beads will be solid in color and the two different colors will alternate throughout the Rosary. The same traditional center and crucifix are used as our traditional rosary.

Please specify the flowers you will be sending for this product.