Founded by Pauline Barbieri
Hand Made From the Flowers of Your Loved Ones
Since 1980
Our mother Pauline Barbieri, also known as the “rosary lady”, founded this company 45 years ago at her kitchen table. When our mother was ready to retire we promised to carry on her company and mission. We continue to be the only Barbieri family crafting handmade keepsakes with her blessing. We are now in our fourth generation and take great pride in our history and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

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About Us

Our History

Since 1980

Rosaries was founded by our mother, Pauline Barbieri in 1980. The company’s history began shortly after the birth of Pauline’s youngest daughter Melissa. After leaving her job at the hospital to stay home and care for Melissa she began looking for something to do to keep her busy. Pauline took great comfort in praying on the rosary that the nuns made from her father’s flowers at his passing, when she was just 16 years old. As she was praying the rosary she asked Mary to help her find a job that she could do at home. It quickly became very clear that the Blessed Mother had a plan for her, she was to make rosaries from flowers.

The next day our mother, with Melissa in tow, visited the French Grey Nuns, The Sisters of Charity. She asked if they would be willing to teach her this unique craft of turning flowers into rosaries. At first the nun declined, telling her that it was only a tradition of the nuns. Respectfully Pauline understood and left saddened but not defeated. She knew deep in her heart that this was her calling.

Pauline continued to pray and it wasn’t until a year later she received a call from one of the Sisters. They asked her if she could come back and speak with them. Once again Pauline and Melissa headed back to the convent. When she arrived they told our mother that they had prayed on her request. Realizing that they were one of the few nuns left doing this they decided to teach our mom. Over the next few months Pauline learned their special gift and started a small home business with her first rosary being her daughter Debbie’s from her wedding bouquet.

In 1991 Pauline’s husband, Bernie, lost his job of 43 years as a salesman. The family went through some hard times in the months to follow but quickly realized why they were given this gift of the rosary. Knowing what they needed to do, Bernie set out on the road spreading the word about our family business.

With hard work and many hours put in by both our parents at the family kitchen table, the small craft quickly grew and became a fulltime business. During this large growth in the business Pauline’s daughters and family friends joined her side. Our mother was overjoyed to be able to provide for her family while spreading the word of the rosary and bringing comfort to others.

Our mother has since retired and we, her daughters, Melissa and Debbie, now run the business with our friends by our side. We hold what our mother has taught us very dear and are blessed to have this special gift. The Blessed Mother continues to guide us as our family continues on this journey.

Our Products


The most important part of creating our beads is to ensure that each flower that is received gets hand-labeled, entered into our computer system, and processed immediately so that it can be safely stored until it is time to create your beads. Once we complete the log-in process we will send you an email confirmation, which will include an invoice number. It is of the utmost importance for us to keep your flowers with your order form at all times. Because of this we do not offer online ordering. In addition, all of our products are handmade at our business location in Tewksbury, MA.

We make our beads by processing your flowers to create a substance that is able to be hand-rolled into the appropriate size bead for the product you have ordered. Please note that it is common for pigments of color in the flower to be visible throughout the finished bead, this is a natural variation and adds depth to the bead. While we do not recommend submerging our beads in water, we can safely say that they will not be damaged if they come into contact with water. We also guarantee all of our work 100%. This means that all repairs will be done free of charge or replaced.