Founded by Pauline Barbieri
Hand Made From the Flowers of Your Loved Ones
Since 1980
Our mother Pauline Barbieri, also known as the “rosary lady”, founded this company 45 years ago at her kitchen table. When our mother was ready to retire we promised to carry on her company and mission. We continue to be the only Barbieri family crafting handmade keepsakes with her blessing. We are now in our fourth generation and take great pride in our history and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

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Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 10am – 3pm
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The Bible in Beads: Memorial Keepsakes from Flowers
Order rosaries and other memorial keepsakes from flowers. Call (978) 851-9103 or visit our Tewksbury location.

Pray the Rosary with Memorial Keepsakes from Flowers

The memorial keepsakes (from flowers) crafted from Rosaries from Flowers represent a collection of prayers. A rosary consists of a set of a total of 59 beads: sets of 10 beads (called a “decade”) broken up by a larger bead between each of them. A shorter strand of beads is attached to this 50-bead ring. This shorter strand comprises one large bead, three small beads, followed by another large bead. Thus, a five-decade collection of beads includes 59 beads in total. Rosaries from Flowers represents a longstanding Catholic tradition learned from local nuns. Call or visit our Main Street Tewksbury location or order online to discover memorial keepsakes (from flowers) for all of the loved ones in your life.

Not only Rosaries: Memorial Keepsakes from Flowers in All Designs

Despite its name, Rosaries from Flowers offers jewelry designs in all varieties. Known for our amazing workmanship, the designers at Rosaries from Flowers make memorial keepsakes (from flowers) from all types of customers and occasions. We also make products that are custom orders. Rosary from Flowers has handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rosaries, too, crafted from flowers delivered to customers to celebrate the birth of a child or mourn the the passing of a loved one. Rosaries from Flowers can also make memorial keepsakes (from flowers) in children’s sizes. For a unique rosary or bespoke jewelry piece, look no further than the experienced artisans at Rosaries from Flowers.

A Longstanding Tradition of Memorial Keepsakes From Flowers

Rosaries from Flowers is a family-owned and operated business that crafts memorial keepsakes (from flowers). Located in the quaint town of Tewskbury, the company was born out of the efforts of devout mother, Pauline Barbieri in 1980. A young mother who had relied on the rosary to provide comfort and solace after the passing of her father when she was only 16, Pauline learned this craft from the local French Gray Nuns, the Sisters of Charity. Having learned the time-honored tradition of crafting rosaries from flowers directly from nuns themselves, Pauline bequeathed the business to her daughters, who continue to steward the family-owned and family-operated business. Flowers delivered to Rosaries from Flowers are brought to the designers from customers both celebrating the most joyous of life’s occasions and also in times of despair, perhaps mourning the recent loss of a loved one. No matter the occasion, customers entrust Rosaries from Flowers to deliver memorial keepsakes (from flowers) that will last a lifetime.

The Barbieri family has been making rosaries and memorial keepsakes from flowers for over 40 years.

Call, email, or visit our Tewskbury location for your next memorial keepsake.