Transforming Moments into Works of Art With Keepsakes from Flowers in Tewksbury, MA
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Expert Artisans in Tewksbury, MA Produce Permanent Keepsakes from Flowers

Several decades ago a local chapter of French Grey Nuns, the Sisters of Charity, taught our faithful mother and expert craftswoman Pauline Barbieri the trade of making the rosary beads out of flower petals. Decades later, Pauline Barbieri’s daughters continue to ply this labor of love and devotion. Today, the family-owned Rosaries from Flowers produces men’s and women’s jewelry, charms, and other keepsakes from flowers to the rosary production. Tewksbury, MA customers are invited to choose from resin, sterling silver, and other precious metals to complement the delicate petals used for these keepsakes from flowers.

Tewksbury, MA’s Keepsakes from Flowers Provide Consolation and Comfort

Tewksbury, MA remains the proud home of the family-owned business, Rosaries from Flowers. Our artisans put decades of training in a specific, time-honored craft (and one which is inspired by religious faith), to deliver keepsakes from flowers. In addition to providing customers with beautiful, delicate products that are produced with the highest level of attention to detail, our products provide comfort to customers in times of both celebration and sadness by preserving the delicate flowers from special occasions. Our high level of craftsmanship coupled with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction has allowed Rosaries from Flowers to enjoy consistent and uniform praise from our clients. Our keepsakes from flowers help Tewksbury, MA residents and customers to maintain feelings of closeness with loved ones while also preserving their faith. Call, visit, or use the form on our website to submit an inquiry or place an order.

Rosaries and Keepsakes from Flowers Preserve Memories and Restore Faith in Tewskbury, MA

Rosaries from Flowers produces keepsakes from flowers that represent both love and spiritual devotion. Born from founding mother Pauline Barbieri’s relentless Catholic devotion, Rosaries from Flowers keeps customers’ faith alive, while also preserving the memory of precious loved ones by using the finest materials and expert techniques to create bespoke jewelry pieces and other ornaments. Operating out of a modest, quaint, and convenient location on Main Street in Tewksbury, MA, the Barbieri family-owned Rosaries from Flowers maintains a stock of diverse, high-quality inventory that features products from men’s jewelry to individual charms to bookmarks. We also take orders for bespoke products, taking into account the nuances of each customer’s stylistic preferences when producing our locally famous keepsakes from flowers. The production of jewelry, rosaries, and other fine products can be arranged with directors of weddings, funerals, or other special occasions. Alternatively, individual clients can bring their own arrangements into our Main Street location in Tewksbury, MA. Discover the solace, joy, love, and faith that can be born from finely wrought products and expert craftsmanship. Call, email, visit Rosaries from Flowers today.

The Barbieri family has been making rosaries and memorial keepsakes from flowers for over 40 years.

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