Founded by Pauline Barbieri
Hand Made From the Flowers of Your Loved Ones
Since 1980
Our mother Pauline Barbieri, also known as the “rosary lady”, founded this company 45 years ago at her kitchen table. When our mother was ready to retire we promised to carry on her company and mission. We continue to be the only Barbieri family crafting handmade keepsakes with her blessing. We are now in our fourth generation and take great pride in our history and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

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MA’s Exert Artisans Produce in Keepsakes from Flowers
Discover the magic of rosaries and other memorial keepsakes from flowers. Call (978) 851-9103 or visit our Tewksbury location.

Rosaries from Flowers Makes Keepsakes from Flowers for MA Customers

Pauline Barbieri of Tewskbury, MA learned the art of crafting keepsakes from flowers directly from the religious order of French Grey Nuns also called the “Sisters of Charity.” It so happened that this religious order grew famous for their work caring for the destitute as well as those afflicted with smallpox. A native of Tewksbury, Pauline learned the craft of producing jewelry, rosaries, and other keepsakes from flowers from these nuns after she had her first daughter. Now run by Pauline’s daughters (along with help from other family and friends), Rosaries from Flowers continues to bring comfort to persons suffering from grief, whether from the loss of a loved one or from the suffering caused by an illness. The Barbieri family takes pride in the variety and quality of keepsakes from flowers that they continue to produce from their Main Street, Tewksbury, MA location.

Tewksbury, MA’s Keepsakes from Flowers Provide Consolation, Comfort, and Faith

Rosaries from Flowers is MA’s specialists in the creation of beautiful, creative jewelry, and high-quality accessories, gifts, and other keepsakes from flowers. Rosaries and other keepsakes sold both online and in our Main Street Tewksbury, MA location. Rosaries from Flowers continue to restore and inspire faith in local MA as well as nationwide. Rosaries from Flowers was in fact contracted to produce a rosary for Rose Kennedy, the late matriarch of the Kennedy family (most notably mother of former president, JFK). In addition to the rosaries, Rosaries from Flowers also produces bespoke chaplets that may bear a cross, crucifix, or a medal from a specific saint. Rosaries from Flowers serves clients from local to Massachusetts (MA) as well as around the country. Call, email, or visit online or in our store to learn why these keepsakes from flowers have earned such a distinguished reputation.

Rosaries and Other Keepsakes from Flowers Available in our Main Street Tewksbury, MA Location

Though Pauline Barbieri learned the craft of making keepsakes from flowers from a willing group of nuns several decades ago, the artisans at Rosaries from Flowers have added to their product line over the years. The impressive array of men’s and women’s jewelry available both at the Main Street Tewksbury store and online features keepsakes from flowers to fit all tastes and budgets. An entire rosary can be made from a single flower. Customers in Massachusetts (MA) and beyond bring their own flowers. If you are interested in preserving the flowers from a special occasion in a lasting product, trust the craftsmen at Rosaries from Flowers to deliver a finely wrought product that will leave you breathless.

The Barbieri family has been making rosaries and memorial keepsakes from flowers for over 40 years.

Call, email, or visit our Tewskbury location for your next memorial keepsake.